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PU 424|423|422|421 (Globe) and 501|500 (Globe+): Multiple enhancements to E-invoicing XML output (Italian legislation)

Some enhancements were made to the E-invoicing XML output in line with feedback from users and for improved Autofattura XML compliance. Users with the Italian license are advised to update their environment to ensure continued compliance. These are on top of enhancements made to  PU 424 | 423 | 422 | 421 (Globe) and 501 | 500 | 422 | 421 (Globe+): Enhancements to the E-Invoice XML file features (Italian legislation).

The following enhancements were made:

  • When generating the E-invoice via the Autofattura application, the <TipoDocumento> TD19 tag will be used when the purchase invoice belongs to a foreign creditor and the VAT code used in the EU sales list option is "Listing goods to be processed". This is on top of the existing functionality where TD19 is used when the original purchase invoice is from either San Marino (SM) or Vatican city-state (VA).
  • <CAP> tag now uses value 00000 for suppliers outside of Italy.
  • <PrezzoUnitario> tag will now take the invoice line's price excluded VAT for more accurate amounts. This is applicable only for invoices with no discounts and with VAT type including.
  • Previously, when the E-Invoice XML generation failed due to reasons such as internet connection issues or multi-environment scenarios, the sales invoice would still be final processed. Now, when the XML generation fails, the sales invoice will not be processed in the system. This means that only processed sales invoices will generate corresponding XML files.

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