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Product Update 398: Prolongation Process Supported in Avalara (American and Canadian Legislations)

The Avalara tax functionality has been implemented since product update 393 and has been further enhanced in product updates 396 and 397. From product update 398 onwards, the prolongation process feature will be incorporated in the Avalara tax functionality. This prolongation process involves the renewal of an existing contract which gives you another time period to use the relevant contract item(s). You can only continue to use the contract items by lengthening the existing contract when it has expired and the prolongation order can only be generated with an existing contract. After the prolongation process, a new order will be generated based on the data of an existing order. This is applicable only for American and Canadian legislations if you have SE1002 in your license.

With this enhancement, after the prolongation order is generated, the tax calculated will be based on the Avalara tax codes. Before the Avalara tax codes are adopted by the system, you are required to perform the following:

  • The Avalara taxation check box must be selected under the Tax section at Accounts receivable.
  • Validate the delivery address at the Accounts receivable or at the order screen by clicking .

The default value under the Tax code column at the order screen is determined by the following actions:

Once these steps are done, the sales order or the service order is generated with the Avalara tax code and is displayed at the Get tax value. Also when you click the Conditions button, you will see that the Avalara taxation check box is selected automatically. If the delivery address is not validated, and when an error message is displayed, then the value shown at Get tax is "0".



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