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Product Update 411: Multiple VAT registration numbers supported for EU sales list report

In the European Union (EU), VAT-registered businesses are obligated to supply their tax authorities with an EU sales list, which reports on the supply of goods and services to other VAT-registered customers in another EU country. The report is based on financial transactions related to finalized invoices and the VAT numbers in the report identify the EU customers.

Previously in Exact Globe Next, the VAT numbers were based on the debtors to whom the invoices were issued. As of product update 411, the system is able to recognize multiple VAT registration numbers. The VAT number of the debtor’s registered business at the destination country (where the ordered goods or services are delivered) will now be used for the EU sales list report, if applicable. To support the changes, the following enhancements have been introduced. Click the following hyperlinks to show or hide details in the respective sections:

· VAT numbers for delivery addresses of contact people

· VAT numbers in invoice entries

· Notification of changes in VAT numbers during invoice entry

· Term in header of message changed

· Grouping invoices based on VAT number

· VAT number available for invoice and credit note layouts

· Enhancements to XML import and export

· Enhancements to the EU sales list report

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