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Product Updates 422, 421, and 420: Delivery address and VAT number of debtors improved in EU sales list (German legislation)

Since product update 419, Exact Globe Next has supported the German EU sales list based on the delivery address and the VAT number of debtors. For more information, see Product Updates 419 and 418: Country code and VAT number will be displayed in EU sales list reports based on VAT number of country or delivery address (German legislation).

However, in addition to the checking of the delivery address of debtors, the checking was also performed on the invoice address of debtors whereby the country must be in Europe. Hence, some improvements have been made to remove the checking on the invoice address in this product update. As long as the delivery address of debtors is in Europe, the data will be displayed in the EU sales list.

The existing conditions remain whereby the EU sales list reports will now display the country and VAT number of the transactions from the invoice history based on the following conditions:

  • the transactions are created in the Logistics module,
  • the VAT number in the invoice history has been defined, and
  • the first two characters (country code) of the VAT number in the invoice history is of a country of the European Union and the country is not the same as the country that is used by the Exact Globe Next administration.

The existing logic also remains applicable for transactions that are created in the Finance module.

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