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PU 424 | 423 | 422 (Globe) and 501 | 500 (Globe+): Enhancements to tags, document type, and nature code in e-invoices (Italian legislation)

In Italy, you are required to submit the Autofattura invoices in the XML format through the Italian government’s Sistema di Interscambio (SDI) platform. With Exact Globe, you can easily generate the required XML files through Finance > Entries > Autofattura > Process.

In this product update, we have updated some features to facilitate the ease of e-invoice submissions. These are explained in the following sections.

The CodiceCUP and CodiceCIG tags are now available for FPR12 (Private companies and professionals)

  • CodiceCUP: This represents the code managed by the CIPE for public investment projects.
  • CodiceCIG: This represents the contract identification code.

In the following example of the Invoice data screen (displayed when clicking the Conditions button on the invoice), the values at the Description 2 and Description 3 fields are used for the CodiceCUP and CodiceCIG tags respectively.

Note: These tags have been previously made available for e-invoices using the FPA12 (Public administrations – B2G communication) format. See Product Updates 418, 417, and 416: E-invoices in the FatturaPA XML format now supported (Italian legislation) for more information.

When you generate the XML file, the descriptions at the fields are shown with the tags, if you have entered them. Otherwise, the tags are omitted from the XML file. The inclusion of the tags applies to both the FPA12 and FPR12 formats. See the following example of an e-invoice XML file for the FPR12 format:

New document type for invoice codes

We have added TD28 Acquisti da San Marino con IVA (fattura cartacea) as a new document type. You can use this in your Autofattura e-invoice for customers from San Marino and it only applies to invoices with VAT received.

For instance, when you generate an Autofattura invoice for a customer in San Marino with a defined VAT rate from the AliquotaIVA tag that is not zero, the TipoDocumeto tag will be TD28. See the following example of an XML file indicating the said values and tags:

Updated VAT nature code N7

The description for the VAT nature code N7 is now "IVA assolta in altro stato UE (prestazione di servizi di telecomunicazioni, tele-radiodiffusione ed elettronici ex art. 7-octies, comma 1 lett. a, b, art. 74-sexies DPR 633/72)".

You will see this change in the General tab of the VAT codes screen accessible through System > General > Countries > Tax codes:


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