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PU 424|423|422 (Globe) and 501|500|422 (Globe+): Intrastat changes for 2022 (Italian legislation)

The latest revised version of the Intrastat returns for 2022 includes the following changes:

  1. A new section 5 (Call-off stock) is added on the frontpage of the report. Since the functionality is not supported in Exact Globe, the value “000000” is displayed for positions 131-136.
  2. For Section 1 (Sales), two new fields for recording nature of transaction B and country of origin (COO) are mandatory for sales transactions. The Delivery method and Transport method fields are made obsolete.
  3. For Section 1 (Purchase), data on nature of transaction B is mandatory. The Delivery method and Transport method fields are made obsolete.

Besides the 2022 changes, the following improvements are applicable when generating Intrastat return reports in Exact Globe:

New Nature of Transaction A and B codes 

New two-digit codes for transaction A and B and descriptions are introduced. You can refer to the codes and descriptions in the following example:

Changes in INTRASTAT data screen

Include: Transaction B option

A new option, Include: Transaction B, is added in the INTRASTAT data screen (accessible via Invoice > Statistics > Intrastat). You can select this option to include the two-digit Transaction B code in the generated report. If you do not select this, only the single digit of the Transaction A code will be included in the report.


Generate sales and purchase transactions for stocks

You can now include both sales and purchase transactions for stock transactions in the report. Previously, only one of the transactions could be generated at a time. The generated files are in the SCAMBI.CEE and I01 formats. Note that if you select None at the Return field, the Crystal report will be displayed without the SCAMBI.CEE and I01 files being generated.

Sender and VAT number fields

The sender and VAT number information can now be included in the report. You can select either Company or Representative as the sender of the report. 

When you select Company as the sender, the VAT number will be automatically filled with the VAT number that is defined in company settings. 

When you select Representative as the sender of the report, you need to fill in the correct VAT number before you can generate the report. Note that the VAT number is mandatory.

Checking for service items

There is an improvement in checking whether an item is classified as a service item or not. Now, the system first checks whether the Classification ESL field of the item is set as Services before checking its attributes.



Autofattura entries with VAT code 0 in INTRASTAT screen and files

You can now use the option Intrastat: Enabled (accessible when you are entering the INTRASTAT data for sales entries or when you click the Edit button on the INTRASTAT screen) to display entries that are processed as Autofattura entries with the VAT code 0. Previously, these entries were not displayed in the INTRASTAT files although they had been saved with the related details. 

The checking for the item category for the entries follow the same checking for service items. 

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