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Exact Synergy Enterprise   

Software and Hardware requirements for Search All (Elasticsearch)

The new ‘Search All’ functionality is available with Exact Synergy Enterprise release 261 and newer.

General Understanding
With the Search All solution customers get a free to use advanced search engine which incorporated several advantages over our default search option with in Exact Synergy Enterprise.
With Search All you gain the following advantages:

  • Quoted searches: “Installation Exact Globe Next”
  • Exclude words from results using minus sign: -Next
  • Changes in entities are instantly searchable
  • Search on partial words, Search: Bike also finds Bikes
  • Possibility to search using special characters (ß, Ñ, Ç)
  • Search in all entities at once
  • Index all Office file types, Text files, etc.
  • Search using Synonyms

The Search All can search the following entities: Resources, Accounts, Documents, Requests, Items, Projects, Contact and Attachments.



Before you can use this new Search All functionality, you need to have ‘EI0000 - Exact Lightweight Integration Server’ in your lisene. This is item can be requested with no additional costs. 

Search all is powered by the Elasticsearch engine. To install Elasticsearch on a Windows environment you need to install JAVA version 7 or newer or OpenJDK version 11 on that machine. 

An additional server for Search All engine
The Elasticsearch engine is supported by Exact on Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 and 2016 platforms.

We advise to use dedicated server(s) to install the Search All service on. 
For redundancy, in the case of a server failure, we advise to install the search service on more than one server.
For general system requirements see:

Search All Server Specifications 

Hardware component

Recommended for
Small database

Recommended for Large database


2 - 4 cores

4 or more cores


16 GB

16 - 64 GB

Disks Type

7200 RPM

SSD or 15k RPM


None or 0



1 GbE

1 – 10 GbE


Windows 2012 (R2)

Windows 2016

Exact Lightweight Integration Service (ELIS)

ELIS is needed to install the add-on solution called: ‘Synergy Search Index Updater’ to update, delete and create the entities.


The layout for the Search All solution is as follow:

Note - Exact advice's our customers to used our trained Exact consultants to implement the Search All functionality. 


  • To install the search service follow the instructions from document [27.423.750]
  • How to allocate more RAM to Elasticsearch [28.363.695]
  • To install the ELIS Add-in + enable 'Search All' functionality, follow the instructions from document [27.423.748]
  • Release notes about ‘Search All’ [27.080.525]
  • Troubleshooting Search All use document [27.418.541

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