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PU 424|423|422 (Globe) and 502|501|500 (Globe+): Updates to BelcoTax fiscal fiches 281.30 for 2022 (Belgium legislation)

The Belgium tax authorities made some updates to the BelcoTaxfiscal fiches report for year 2022. New elements supporting sporting achievements at the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, and any European or other continental championships are now included in the report. To cater for the changes, we enhanced the fiscal fiches report 281.30 which you can generate through Finance > VAT / Statistics > VAT > Fiscal fiches.

New description for the reward type

In the G/L account maintenance screen, we changed the description of an option to 281.30 (2078 or 2095) - Sporting achievement incomes from Olympic, EC, WC in the Reward type field. See the following example:

Extra reward types in the XML file

When you select an option for the reward type, the XML file that you generate for submission will show the related values. With this update, the values in the generated XML file are as follows:

  • The value of f30_2079_totalamount equals to f30_2078_olympicbonus.
  • The value of f30_2097_totalamount equals to f30_2095_foreignolympicbonus.

The values depend on whether the debtor resides within or outside of Belgium.

Scenario 1: Debtor is in Belgium (Domestic)

Tag Is the value expected to be shown?
f30_2078_olympicbonus Yes
f30_2079_totalamount Yes
f30_2095_foreignolympicbonus No
f30_2097_totalamount No

Example of a generated XML file:

Scenario 2: Debtor is outside of Belgium (Foreign)

Tag Is the value expected to be shown?
f30_2078_olympicbonus No
f30_2079_totalamount No 
f30_2095_foreignolympicbonus Yes 
f30_2097_totalamount  Yes 

Example of a generated XML file:


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