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Product Update 413: VAT Control Statement (VCS) enhanced (Czech legislation)

In this product update, the VAT Control Statement or VCS feature has been further enhanced to allow users to regenerate the VCS report for the same return period from the VAT Control Statement screen. The following enhancements have been made:

VAT return – page 1

The VAT return – page 1 screen, which allows users to provide mandatory information required in the VCS report, has the following fields enhanced in terms of functionality:

The Financnímu úradu pro / Specializovanému financnímu úradu field now reflects the previous value defined by the user, whereas before the value had to be defined by the user each time the VAT return – page 1 screen was displayed.

Businesses that operate in the Czech Republic can communicate with the tax authorities to have their VCS report validated via two options, namely data box and e-mail. If a company opts to deliver their VCS report via the data box, the data box ID should be filled in the ID datové schránky field via:

· Finance ? VAT ? Statistics ? VAT control statement

· Finance ? VAT ? Statistics ? VAT return ? page1

Note: The ID datové schránky field must contain seven alphanumeric characters for the tax portal to validate the VCS file. For more information, see

All the fields available in the Právnická osoba: Název právnické osoby section are now made optional.

To ensure that the validation for the VAT return is successful, either the e-mail or the ID datové schránky field must be filled. Otherwise, the system will produce an error report as shown in the following:


New tag added to the VCS XML file

Following the functional change implemented in this product update, the value of the ID datové schránky field is inserted in a new tag called <id_dats>, as shown in the following:


Exporting the VCS XML file to C drive in Windows 10

Users without administrator right to the C:\ directory of their machine will not be able to export the VCS XML file if the machine runs on Windows 10. An attempt to do so will prompt the following:


VAT Codes maintenance overview screen

In the VAT Codes Maintenance overview screen, you can now find the VAT control statement column displaying the value of the VCS section as defined in the VAT code maintenance screen. By default, the VAT control statement column is displayed. A new column called VAT control statement – Code has been added, and this column will reflect the two-digit code from the database.

For more information, see Product Updates 411, 410, and 409: VAT Control Statement introduced (Czech legislation).

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