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Product Updates 422, 421, and 420: Suministro Inmediato de Información (SII) enhanced to include invoice F4 and multiple rental locations (Spanish legislation)

To ensure that the Suministro Inmediato de Información (SII) reports are submitted successfully, we have made some changes in Exact Globe Next.

The changes are as follows:

I – Por diferencias as the default correction type for sales and purchases

When you generate the reports through Finance > VAT/Statistics > Immediate submission of VAT information, the option I – Por diferencias is selected by default as the correction type at the Tipo de corrección field under the Transaction details section. This is applicable to the Sales and Purchases tabs.

Previously, the default option was S - Por sustitución, which caused the submission of corrections to be rejected when it was selected for the reports.

Invoice type F4 is now supported

The F4 invoice type now uses the correct format of submission. Previously, an incorrect format was used for the invoice type and this caused the system to reject the reports.

In line with this improvement, you must define the Last: Invoice number field if you select the invoice type for the submission.

Note that the submission for this invoice type must be done under the following conditions:

  • you must define the Last: Invoice number field as this will be reflected at the <sii:NumSerieFacturaEmisorResumenFin> tag in the XML file, and
  • exclude the <Contraparte> tag in the XML file.

Multiple rental information supported

You can now provide multiple rental information under the Rental section in the Sales tab. You can provide the information by selecting the Rental option, and then clicking the Rental information button. The Rental information screen will be displayed, and you can then enter up to 15 land rental information for your reports.

Due to this change, you can now define the location and reference information in this new screen.

For more information, see Product Updates 421, 420, and 419: Improvement to purchases via SII (Spanish legislation), Product Update 419: Suministro Inmediato de Información (SII) improved (Spanish legislation) and Product Updates 417, 416, and 415: SII version 1.1 introduced (Spanish legislation).

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