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Product Updates 418, 417, and 416: Model 390 improved (Spanish legislation)

The Model 390 electronic form, which states the annual summary of the VAT declaration, has been improved to support the current legislative changes. From this product update onwards, the new VAT boxes will replace the old VAT boxes in the related screens and in the tax file for the submission of year 2018. The form will be applicable for the next financial years in the case that no new form is introduced for year 2019 and onwards.

Note: The old VAT boxes will no longer be available in the form for the financial years prior to year 2018.

You can refer to the changes that have been made to the screens and tax file by expanding the following sections:

  • New VAT boxes in screens

  • Removed VAT boxes in screens

  • VAT boxes with updated formula calculation

  • New and updated VAT boxes in tax file

  • VAT boxes moved from page 4 to page 3

  • Removed VAT boxes in tax file

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