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Product Update 407: <UseAvalaraTaxation> and <AvalaraAddressValidated> tags available (American and Canadian legislations)

Avalara is available in several states in the United States to provide easy and accurate methods of sales and tax calculations. Exact Globe Next supports Avalara since product update 393. However, during the import of Avalara entries such as sales order and sales invoices, the Avatax amount was not calculated according to the invoice processing stages because some details were not exported in XML.

In this product update, the following changes have been made:

XML schema

The <UseAvalaraTaxation> and <AvalaraAddressValidated> tags have been added into the XML schema file (eExact-Schema.xsd). However, the Avalara entry will be determined by the debtor’s country code, which is either “US” or “CA”, and the Avalara taxation check box must be selected.

XML import

During the import of XML sales orders or sales invoices, if the <UseAvalaraTaxation> and <AvalaraAddressValidated> tags contain the value “1”, the entry will be imported without Avatax calculation until the entry has been processed. The Avatax amount will be calculated once the entry has been processed. 


  • This functionality is applicable only for United States and Canada with the SE1002 license.
  • The Avalara settings at System à General à Settings will be available only if the Use tax module check box at General settings is selected. If the Use tax module check box is not selected, the <UseAvalaraTaxation> and <AvalaraAddressValidated> tags will not be exported even though the tags are in the imported file.
  • This functionality will be available only for XML sales orders and sales invoices.
  • The Avalara tax amount will be calculated for the sales order and sales invoice entries that have been imported via XML once the sales order and sales invoice entries have been processed.

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