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Product Update 267: Improved synchronization for Arbodienst and updated SIVI standard (Dutch legislation)

In line with regulation updates, Exact Synergy Enterprise (ESE) has enhanced support for Arbodienst with the following improvements:

  • New field on the Division page for synchronizing employee data with Arbodienst.
  • Absence messages are formatted according to SIVI 2019 Standard.

The Division page now includes a new field Synchronize employee data to Arbodienst (under the Arbodienst section) to determine how employee data is synchronized. The following options are available:

  • Blank - This is the default option. When this is selected, there will be no synchronization.
  • All active employees - This synchronizes all employee data (for types Employee and Temporary with the status Active).
  • Employees with active sick request(s) - This synchronizes only data of employees that have sick requests in the Draft, Open, Approved, or Realized statuses. Data of employees with sick requests in the Rejected and Processed statuses will not be synchronized.

XML files formatted according to SIVI 2019 Standard will be created when the synchronization method is specified as the creation of an export file. Each employee will have an individual XML file where the filename consists of Werknemer and the employee ID, for example, "Werknemer12345.xml".

Separate to this, as part of update to SIVI 2019 Standard, the existing functionality of generating absence messages in XML is also upgraded from SIVI 2017 Standard to conform to SIVI 2019 Standard.

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