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PU 424|423|422 (Globe) and 502|501|500 (Globe+): Include investment type in purchase invoices (Spanish legislation)

In Spain, taxpayers use the Suministro Inmediato de Información (SII) system for tax reporting. To comply with the latest legal requirements and changes, we updated the purchase invoice to record the investment type.

New Investment field in Purchase tab

The Investment field is added in the Purchases tab, which you can access through Finance > VAT / Statistics > Immediate submission of VAT information. You can use this field for the purchase invoice or correction invoice type, as shown in the following example:

The default value of [blank], Yes, or No filled in the Investment field shown in the previous image, depends on the purchase VAT return type of the tax code linked to the purchase invoice. You can find the purchase VAT return type in the VAT codes screen:

The following scenarios determine the investment default value:

Scenario Investment default value
Purchase VAT return type value = Investments  Yes
Purchase VAT return type value = Goods or Services  Blank
Purchase invoice is linked to multi-lines or multi-tax codes Blank
Any default value that is editable with all three investment values Blank, Yes, or No

Note: If you decide to change the investment type, you can also do through this screen.

Investment check box added for batch updates

We also added the Investment check box in the Purchases screen. This lets you do a batch update on the investment type across multiple invoices. You can select this check box, choose the new value, and click Batch updates to update the corresponding invoices. See the following example:

BienInversion tag reflects the investment value

When you generate the XML file of the purchase invoice for the SII submission, the investment value is shown in the BienInversion tag under the DetallelVA block.

The investment value entered in the system will generate the corresponding  output in the XML file. This is shown as follows:

Investment value XML output
Yes <BienInversion>S</BienInversion>
No <BienInversion>N</BienInversion> 
Blank <BienInversion> tag will be skipped 

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