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Product Update 401: Online submissions for EU sales list supported (British legislation)

As of April 2010, the HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) department requires businesses in the United Kingdom to report their European Union (EU) sales by submitting the European Sales List (Déclaration Européenne de Services) online. Changes are made to the EU sales list functionality to ensure that you are able to submit a final EU Sales List according to the rules for 2010. 

The following changes have been implemented for the British legislation:

Company data settings

  • In the Company data settings screen, a new check box and field, Enable ECSL XML and Branch number, are added. By selecting the Enable ECSL XML check box, the Branch number field is enabled for you, which is a unique identifier for a member of a group-registered trader who has chosen to submit separate EC sales lists for each member of the group. With this, you can submit all EU sales lists online to HMRC.

  • The VAT online declaration section is renamed to VAT / ECSL Online declaration.

Overview of EU sales lists

  • A new button, Send, is added in the overview screen of EU sales lists. This button is added to allow you to send the final XML EU sales list to HMRC.

Note: The Send button is enabled only when the Enable ECSL XML check box is selected.

  • Once you click the Send button, the following screen is displayed. Here, you can select and send the relevant VAT XML declarations.

  • The information that is pre-filled at the URL, User name, and Password field is copied from the information defined in the VAT / ECSL Online declaration section, at Company data settings.

  • Generating the XML EU sales list bi-monthly and yearly is not supported.

  • If you generate the XML EU sales list bi-monthly, the following screen is displayed:

  • If you generate the XML EU sales list yearly, the following screen is displayed:

Generating XML files

  • The following screen depicts the final XML EU sales list generated, which can be submitted electronically to the HMRC gateway. The HMRC gateway uses the address at the URL field in the Gateway Submission Server section.


  • Once you print the final EU sales list, an additional document in the XML format is created. This document is saved in the Bacodiscussionsan table and can be viewed via CRM/Entries/Documents or at creditor maintenance screen (go to Finance/Accounts payable/Maintain or CRM/Accounts/Maintain accounts, select an account, click Open, and then click the Doc. tab).

  • You cannot delete this document. If you click the Delete button, the following screen is displayed:

Note: You need to remove the country code from the VAT number at the debtor's master card before the final ECSL return is performed.

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