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Product Updates 423, 422, and 421: Intrastat returns display values of main item in Bill of Materials (Hungarian legislation)

We have enhanced the Intrastat return functionality for Bill of Materials (BOM). The system now records the total quantity and sales order amount of the main item in the BOM when you fulfil a sales order. These values are then used to calculate the statistical value.

This improvement helps to ensure accuracy in calculations so that your Intrastat return report reflects the correct information.

Keep in mind that this change affects the following:

  • Intrastat returns for Sales/Export.
  • Items with the Explode: Fulfilment attribute.

To further explain, see the following scenario:


As an example, this transaction would be with a debtor based in the Netherlands using EUR at an exchange rate of EUR 1 = HUF 362.11.

Values of part items used in calculation before this enhancement

Previously, when you have created a sales order with the quantity of the main item being “1” and the amount of “100 EUR”, and fulfilled it, this was displayed:

The system recorded two lines using the quantities of the part items in the following calculation:

Calculation now uses the relevant values from main item

In this product update, we have adjusted the calculation. Using the same data, when you create a sales order and then fulfil it, these changes will take place at Invoice > Statistics > Intrastat.

The statistical number for each line refers to the main item, while the quantity reflects the total quantity delivered (1) divided by the number of part items (2).


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