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Product Updates 410 and 409: Electronic returns filing introduced in 2015 (Czech legislation)

Starting January 2015, all VAT returns must be filed and sent to the tax authorities in electronic form. Following this new requirement, the XML section has been added to the Value added tax screen to produce the XML file necessary for the submission.

With the Export to file check box selected, the XML file will be generated along with the trial or final VAT return print and saved to the location predefined at Export directory.

Upon proceeding, you will be requested to fill in the relevant information for the company in the next screen.

Note that the information in the VAT return - page 1 screen will be included in the XML file for submission. All mandatory fields must be filled. Otherwise, an error message will be displayed and the XML file generation discontinued. In cases intended for reference purposes only, you can print the same information via Finance ➔ VAT/Statistics ➔ VAT return – page 1.

During the file generation process, you will be requested to perform VAT revaluation for transactions involving foreign currency, if such entries exist. Otherwise, this step will be skipped. Next, you will have to define the values for the coefficient calculation, as shown in the following example:

Once these values have been defined, the crystal report will be displayed and the XML file generated. You can access the XML file after the final VAT return print at CRM ➔ Entries ➔ Documents.

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