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Product Update 267: Updates to person's contract page (Dutch legislation)

A person's contract page is reached by clicking Contract under the Monitor section of the person's card. With Exact's continued support for Arbodienst, the following changes were made to it:

  • Indefinite period contracts now support contract sequence numbers.
  • Updated Reason end of employment field to comply to SIVI standard.

Changes were made so that contracts that have an indefinite period are able to support contract sequence numbers. Previously, only contracts with a definite period support this. On this page, the Contract sequence number field can be defined even if Indefinite period is selected at Type field. This will be subsequently included in the Arbodienst output.

The second update to this page was made in accordance with the SIVI standard. The Reason end of employment field has been enhanced to reflect updated values. The selected value here will also be included in the Arbodienst output.

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