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Product Update 416: Splitting of order lines in sales orders, quotations, and service orders minimized

To reduce the number of unnecessary lines in the sales orders, quotations, and service orders, you now have an option not to have the order lines split according to the free stock lines for these instances:

  • After performing an allocation to free stock that has multiple stock count transactions.
  • After performing a partial allocation.

The splitting is now controlled via the new Stock allocation: Suppress line splitting check box at System General Settings, under Order settings. By default, this check box is not selected

You can select this check box to prevent order lines from splitting according to the free stock lines in the scenarios mentioned.

The following is an example of the allocation process with this setting enabled:

The following item card shows that item “ALLOC-T” has a total free stock of 25 from multiple stock count transactions:

An allocation is performed and in the Allocation screen, the sales order line allocated to multiple free stock lines will be split:

In the Sales orders screen, the sales order line will not be split, and the allocation is indicated via the check box in the Allocated column:


Note that if you have enabled this setting, and then disable it later, a warning message "All open sales order lines must be unallocated before disabling this setting" will be displayed. Disabling the setting without unallocating the open sales order lines that were allocated when the setting was enabled may cause data inconsistency when performing a diagnostic check at System Checks Diagnose.

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