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PU 424 | 423 | 422 | 421 (Globe) and 501 | 500 | 422 | 421 (Globe+): Year-end return report excludes Box 91 from year 2020 and beyond (Belgian legislation)

In Exact Globe Next, you can generate the VAT return report to be sent to the Belgian tax authorities through Finance > VAT / Statistics > VAT > VAT return. In this product update, we are removing Box 91 from the report.  

This removal will be applicable to the following:

  • the month of December (monthly),
  • the fourth quarter (quarterly) of the year, and
  • assessments done in year 2020 and above.

Previously, when you generated the VAT return report to be sent to the Belgian tax authorities, you were able to select the last month (December) or the last quarter (4th quarter) of the year.

Removal of Box 91

With the exclusion of Box 91, we have removed the Include check box from the VAT boxes screen.

See the following example for comparisons of the VAT boxes screen and the VAT return report.


Note: The removal of the functionality applies to the VAT return report generated for the year 2020 onwards. For the year 2019 and below, this feature remains whereby the amount in Box 91 is displayed in the report when you select the Include check box.

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