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Product updates 422, 421, and 420: Changes in VAT Modelo 303 (Spanish legislation)

In compliance with the latest legal requirements for the year 2021 and onwards, we have included new specifications to the VAT Modelo 303 declaration form.

The changes include new VAT boxes of the sales-basis type and the enhanced electronic format.

Sales-basis VAT boxes

The predefined list of VAT boxes now includes new VAT boxes. With this enhancement, you are required to create and link the VAT codes to the new VAT boxes accordingly. These VAT boxes must not be linked to existing VAT codes.

The VAT boxes are as follows:







Operaciones no sujetas por reglas de localización

Sales basis



Oper. sujetas con inversión del sujeto pasivo

Sales basis



Oper. no sujetas reglas de local. acogidas OSS

Sales basis



Operaciones sujetas y acogidas a la OSS

Sales basis

Additionally, improvements are made on the following tabs (accessible through Finance > VAT / Statistics > Value added tax) with the addition of the new VAT boxes, as well as change in the placement of existing VAT boxes:

VAT boxes tab

Additional tab

Annual tab

Electronic format

We have also enhanced the mapping of the electronic format to ensure that the final generated text file reflects the latest specifications in the VAT Modelo 303 declaration form.

For more information, see Product Updates 422, 421, and 420: Electronic VAT return form for Modelo 303 improved (Spanish legislation) and Product Updates 421 and 420: Improved Modelo 303 and 180 (Spanish legislation).

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