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PU 424 | 423 | 422 | 421 (Globe) and 501 | 500 | 422 | 421 (Globe+): Threshold values for Belcotax 281.30, 281.50, and 281.71 are now user-definable (Belgian legislation)

As of May 6, 2022, the preparation of tax form 281.50 is mandatory only if the total amount per beneficiary and per year exceeds EUR 250. The federal government has added this ceiling to the KB/WIB.

To comply with this requirement, it is now possible for users to change the threshold values for Belcotax 281.30, Belcotax 281.50, and Belcotax 281.71.

New menu added

With this update, you can now define the relevant threshold amounts for the respective fiches in the new Threshold section. You can access this through Finance > VAT / Statistics > VAT > Fiscal fiches.

See the following screen for an example:


As such, beginning year 2022, the default Threshold values will correspond with the current Threshold values.

Checklist report to reflect threshold amounts

When you have defined the threshold amount for the corresponding Belcotax, this is reflected in the Checklist report.

For more information, see Product Updates 422, 421, and 420: BelcoTax 2021 updated (Belgian legislation).

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