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PU 424 | 423 | 422 | (Globe) and 501 | 500 | 422 | (Globe+): VAT number in delivery address for CMDM now editable (EU legislation)

All VAT-registered businesses in the European Union (EU) are required to submit an EU sales list to the tax authorities. This sales list reports the supply of goods and services to other VAT-registered customers in another EU country, and is based on financial transactions pertaining to finalised invoices. In addition, this report requires the VAT number of the debtor’s registered business at the destination country. For more information, see Product Update 411: Multiple VAT registration numbers supported for EU sales list report.

Previously, in the CMDM environment, users were not able to define the VAT number. This caused the system to use the invoice debtor’s VAT number by default.

Now, after running the latest product updater, users will be able to define the VAT number for the debtor under the delivery address maintenance. This change will take place in the CMDM environment.

Note: This is applicable to EU countries, and you require the CMDM license (Option 290).

Edit button enabled in Delivery address section

Open a debtor card through Finance > Accounts receivable > Maintain and click the Contact tab. You can now click the Edit icon under the Addresses section for the Delivery type.


Defining the VAT number field

After clicking the Edit icon from the previous screen, you will be directed to the Addresses screen. In the Addresses screen and under the Basics tab, you can define the VAT number. All other fields, including the Next and Previous buttons are disabled.


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